You have decided to establish your company in China. We provide support and advisory services to you in the implementation.

Through the close connection to the Chinese economy (see press) and negotiating experience with the Chinese government we are able to offer you exceptional services.

We differentiate in 3 phases, when starting a business and its preparation. 

Here is an overview of our services, which will be specifically matched to each customer.

1) Before company establishment

  • Building of a team with permanent members
  • Evaluation of the company strategy in the team  
  • Location / size / facilities
  • Financing (budget)
  • Subventions
  • Tax benefits
  • Strategic partner formation
  • Increase of your business in three steps

2) Company establishment in China

  • Licensing
  • Tax registration
  • Work permits
  • Bank accounts and contact person

3) After company establishment in China

  • Search for employees
  • Insurances
  • Procurement of inventory
  • Authorities
  • etc.